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Rockar – The Revolution

Rockar – The Revolution

Imagine being able to buy a car in five minutes while shopping at your local mall. Picture yourself walking into a dealership, not being bombarded with overzealous salespeople, and for once, not having the feeling that you are going to be ripped off on price. That’s Rockar.

Rockar opened it’s first store in November 2014 in partnership with Hyundai to experiment with a totally new way of purchasing cars. The new dealership model, located inside the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, UK, combines the best of both the online and in-store experiences, and is expected to receive more visitors in its first year than all 160 other Hyundai dealerships in Britain combined.

The store features a primarily digital showroom with four cars on display inside, and every step of the purchasing process takes place digitally. Shoppers can use tablets provided inside the store, their own mobile devices, or choose to continue the process in their own home by registering a few personal details. The company has noted that about half of its sales are completed at home or via mobile devices. The smaller physical space needed for the Rockar dealership also allows them to target affluent customers in condensed urban areas where having a full lot of inventory isn’t possible, and gives them the opportunity to tap into an area where they have less competition.

There are store associates available throughout the store, called “Angels,” who are not on a commission-based salary. Their job is to educate and share relevant information with potential customers. This new approach makes buying a car much less intimidating compared to traditional dealerships. With Rockar, it’s possible to buy a car entirely online without ever speaking to a staff member.

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