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Retail Therapy: Seneca EIS Portfolio Company features in The Telegraph

Retail Therapy: Seneca EIS Portfolio Company features in The Telegraph

A new way of selling cars could well sound the death knell for traditional, commission-led dealers

New Hyundai store in Bluewater Shopping Centre

Forget “buyer beware”, the world now spins on a “dealer beware” axis. The digital era has been handing power back to the customer for a decade: you can sell cars, buy cars, value cars, get finance, insurance and breakdown cover for cars, and all without stepping outside your front door.

We have, however, still been forced to visit a dealership if we want to stroke, sniff or drive a car before buying. We go armed with our research, to cut down the amount of time we have to spend with patronising salesmen, but still mankind cannot quite bring itself to buy something so expensive without interacting with another human.

Good news, then. I’ve found some people who sell cars to the public and are entirely trustworthy, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I know! Of most significance to the whole paradigm is this little fact: they’re not on commission. There are no sales targets. They therefore don’t ooze desperation or paw at you the second you walk through the door. You can trust their intel.

This little band of brothers (and sisters), or angels, as they’re wincingly called, works out of a store called Rockar, which is situated between the Disney Store and Marks & Spencer at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. They are quite young, they wear grey woolly jumpers and cool black trousers and, hey, they’re generally there to help!

This first Rockar store is supported by Hyundai, but founder Simon Dixon, former CEO of Dixon Motors, one of the country’s largest motor retail groups, is hoping to expand into other retail centres, with the support of other car brands.

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