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Kalibrate: Our Story

Kalibrate: Our Story

In a crisis, we see opportunity.

In the early 1990s, fuel markets were only becoming more volatile. While many scrambled through on instinct alone, we pioneered the use of data in fuel price optimization for UK fuel retailers. Back then, we were known as KSS Fuels. The way we helped clients resonated. Within a decade, we had expanded to the US, six European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand and Brazil.

Beyond data, we applied a new strategy to fuel retail success. Instead of a narrow focus on cost cutting, we changed the paradigm to building revenue, market share and profits. We saw that price optimization alone wouldn’t be enough to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. So through the 2000s, we expanded our strategies and solutions.

Meanwhile, Market Planning Solutions Inc. had been advancing the practice of location intelligence and retail network planning since the 1970s. Their integrated approach and intelligent data analytics made sense of the complex factors in the evolving consumer decision journey.

As at KSS Fuels, MPSI® was leveraging Big Data to meet clients’ needs. But from the beginning, both companies understood data’s power—and its limitations. Human intelligence—a culture of adaptive thinking and continuous learning—was always the critical core. In 2011, KSS Fuels merged with Market Planning Solutions Inc. under a new banner: Kalibrate.

We brought our thinking together into a focus on the 7 Elements for Fuel Retail Success. Our collective strength, available to clients around the globe, is grounded in performance and masterfully integrates strategy and technology to give clients a competitive advantage. We call it the adaptive edge, and it helps everyone face the future with more confidence.