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New Probiotic Agreement for Optibiotix

New Probiotic Agreement for Optibiotix

Stephen O’Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix, commented: “We are pleased to announce the signing of a manufacturing, supply, and profit sharing agreement with Sacco, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of probiotics ingredients. We chose Sacco due to their industry reputation, extensive European network and track record in building sales for what have become some of the world’s best selling probiotic strains. We believe that OptiBiotix’s strong supporting science, and growing industry awareness of our LPLDL® cholesterol and blood pressure reducing strain, has created a high level of interest in using LPLDL® as a functional component in a wide range of consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical products. We believe working with Sacco, and similar partners around the world, provide the best opportunity of building LPLDL® into a global brand. Discussions are progressing with corporate partners for the manufacture and supply of products containing LPLDL® in the US, Asian and other international markets.”

See the announcement in full here

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