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Premaitha opens new lab dedicated to IONA test

Premaitha opens new lab dedicated to IONA test

Biotech specialist Premaitha Health has opened a dedicated laboratory at its Manchester Science Park base which triples its capacity to respond to demand for the IONA test from clinicians.

IONA is Premaitha’s newly-launched non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for Down’s Syndrome, and other serious genetic conditions such as Patau’s Syndrome and Edwards’ Syndrome by analysing cell-free DNA from a sample of maternal blood. Premaitha said the new Care Quality Commission (CQC)-accredited, clinical laboratory will enable it to dramatically increase throughput, of the maternal blood samples analysed each month using the IONA test.

Premaitha chief finanicial officer Barry Hextall said: “The decision to expand our NIPT in-house service has been driven by demand from clinicians for the fast, accurate and accredited results provided by the IONA test. These additional laboratory facilities and our extended team of specialists who run the IONA test service means we can offer the benefits of the first and only CE-marked (European approved) in-vitro diagnostic product for NIPT to more pregnant women, sooner. This also fulfils one of the commercialisation objectives stated at the time of the recent fundraising.”

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