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Premaitha strikes first Asia deal for IONA test

Premaitha strikes first Asia deal for IONA test

Pioneering Manchester medical diagnostics company Premaitha Health has extended the reach of its IONA product with a deal to launch in India. The AIM-listed company which has developed a non-invasive, quick and cost effective test for Down’s Syndrome and other conditions, has struck a deal with Vision Medical, a new organisation based in the UK and India that aims to deliver better diagnostic tests to the developing world.

Visional Medical will provide pregnant women in India access to the IONA® test to safely and accurately estimate the risk of a fetus being affected by serious genetic disorders, including Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndrome.

Dr Stephen Little, chief executive of Premaitha said: “The potential market for NIPT in India is huge – there are millions of pregnancies every year and currently little provision of any prenatal screening. Our partnership with Visional Medical will provide a risk-free, rapid and reliable prenatal screening test to address this unmet medical need.

Dr Colin Ferrett, head of Visional Medical added: “We are thrilled to be working with Premaitha and we look forward to offering this advanced yet simple screening test to improve prenatal provision to the large population of pregnant mothers in India. Visional Medical’s mission is to work with cutting edge diagnostic tools to advance healthcare into the 21st century for the developing world.”

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