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Premaitha strikes IONA deal in Greece

Premaitha strikes IONA deal in Greece

Premaitha Health has signed a distribution agreement with a company in Greece to provide its non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT), branded IONA, to laboratories in the region.

Premaitha has struck the deal with Antisel SA, a distributor of scientific products in Greece, for the test which detects the risk of a fetus being affected by Down’s Syndrome and other serious genetic conditions such at Patau’s Syndrome and and Edwards Syndrome. The test is carried out by analysing fetal DNA from a sample of maternal blood. As the first and only CE-marked (European approved) test of its kind, the IONA test enables clinical laboratories to run their own in-house service without having to send blood samples to central labs in the USA or China with a wait for results of up to 14 days.

Premaitha chief executive Dr Stephen Little said: “This valuable partnership will enable us to provide the IONA® test to hospitals throughout the country and we look forward to working with the Antisel team to help support clinical teams in setting up their own NIPT screening service.”

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